Great to see honest reviews that are very entertaining hope to see many more. That one is on my radar and Id love to hear your thoughts on it. Caliber: .308 Winchester (available in five other calibers, too) Commissions are earned for links to Brownell's, Amazon, MidwayUSA, GoHunt, OpticsPlanet, Sportsman's Warehouse, and other retailers. I was really looking at the Waypoint before so would you recommend that now or another? I\m in northern Arizona and hunt in everything from dense forest to open desert, shots rarely over 400 yards. Moreover, the firearm boasts an excellent light and smooth trigger. Took my buck at 325 shooting Federal Premium 110gr bullets. Shot yesterday and shot at 200, 300 and 400 yards, 1/2-3/4 MOA. The Sig Cross: Amazing design after some early quality control issues. keep on the good work and excuse my poor englis. I just bought a Savage Axis II XP in 308 after much research and debate amongst my hunting partners. Good luck wearing one out with your old ass, you could have the best or worst and it wouldnt matter since its seeing all of a day of use once a season. People say its the most consistent action, but I only sort of agree. Synthetic as in black plastic, to be clear, not as in carbon fiber or some other fancy stuff. Like, sure. The build quality was amazing, and shot sub MOA with factory Norma ammo. Floorplate, spring, and follower tilt out. Newer is not always better. XBolt Pro is a good gun but needs a new trigger. My search is with an elk/mule deer hunt in mind. You must log in or register to reply here. This gun is very accurate, has a great bump pad to absorb recoil (unlike most wood rifles) and has a threaded barrel for good measure. This rifle broke two scopes I highly recommend the Leupold which I have on it now .team this up with the Barnes TTPX BT. NO,, F Franchi, and Baretta and their ilk. Ive narrowed it down to a Sig Cross in 6.5, a JTAC Screech Owl in 6.5 22 barrel. Fancy for an affordable rifle, the Franchi Momentum sports a one-piece, fluted bolt. Im sure the leupold would be better, but for a 700 dollar difference, Ill see how I like the Burris. I just wish there was a better feeling about the Ridgeline. Franchi Momentum .300 Win Mag 24" Black / Hunter Gray 4 Rds 41553. **sorry for posting this comment on another article, but I guess this is the more suitable article for this discussion. Gun #: 932303293. Thanks for all of your vids and you helped me get my last two rifles with all the choices. Adjustable from 2 pounds to 4 pounds, my sample fell right in the middle of that range. You know, turning ammo into noise kind of use. Franchi Momentum .350 Legend Threaded 24" Bbl FDE BA Rifle 41562. The reason I put the CVA Cascade above the Ruger American is: (1) It has a better action with more reliable feeding, (2) Its stock is more rigid, (3) It doesnt have a super loud safety like the Ruger American, which I found to be tricky to hunt with. I am over 50 now an i have owned and hunted 21 different rifles, that will be all brands from Rem 700, Browning , tikka, several Blasers and Sakos, Heym and some more. Again one star better than average in this category, but it still leaves plenty of room for improvement. Can you review the spring kit for the factory trigger? For the record the cheapest gun Ive ever owned is a TC compass in 6.5 Creedmoor and it has shot sub MOA with most factory offerings from day one and consistently shoots sub 1/2 moa with handloads. I saw you also mentioned something coming at Shotshow but did not see if you talked about this yet. But after that, its likely going to be a custom. Manual cover also says- Do not use without reading Manual. Review: Franchi Momentum .308 Winchester. Did you pick up the Seekins? what do you think of it? Or even at a much higher price range. I own a Tikka T3 in .300 WSM and love it as my go-to big game hunting rifle. And youre right about the cost of Weatherby ammo. Unless you spend 4-5 G on a custom built left handed. Another group was slightly more evenly distributed but similar in size. Probably going to be the Waypoint. Second is the on top the receiver scope mounts are based on Savage Accutrigger not Remington. The Sig Cross has really become one of my favorite guns to shoot. RECENTLY SOLD View More Data . Its for my 3 teenage daughters (all first year deer tag draws) . For my boy. It's my 1st long-bolt (actually 2nd, I'd had Win 70 Ultimate Shadow 338 win mag. I think in theory controlled feed is better, but they also generally dont feed well (or at all) if you try to feed by dropping one in, rather than mag feeding. First let me say your videos are absolutely fantastic. I had a question on my first rifle purchase. I really like the sig cross but I cant decide between 308 or 6.5 Creedmoor, or if I should instead go for a different rifle with chamberings more suitable for my kind of hunting and if so what chamberings and rifles would you suggest. So how do you choose between them? A junk injection molded plasticky stock that expands with heat and contracts with cold. Really enjoy your advice and reviews on guns and equipment, I appreciate your opinions. Ive been a little coy about recommending one specific rifle in this price range because its a tight race. Have you heard any news about springfield adding additional calibers for it? Yes if I were going to Alaska where you can run into damp rainy weather for days on end I would either have my Mauser electrolysis nickle plated (it plates even the inside of a receiver and barrel) or if I wanted to get off cheap take a chance on a modern stainless rifle that probably would freeze up in very cold weather with their speed lock mechanisms which are idiotic in a hunting rifle. Jim, between the Savage 110 Ultralight and the Weatherby Mark V which would you pick for accuracy? The Tikka T3x has a single-column detachable clip magazine made from a strong fiberglass-reinforced composition. Cheers. I am looking at it in 243 but cant decide between that and x bolt. Great Content. My main criteria is staying sub 6 lbs if I can for the rifle only and sub moa guarantee. Nor do my groups appear to be outliers for the Momentum. What matters is on the paper for 550 dollars and a threaded barrel to boot. Full Details. I have found the majority of shooters have a herd mentality and always believe that the latest is the greatest. I try to ruin stuff like this and am always amazed how much it will take. Helping the Franchi Momentum turn in great groups well, helping the shooter do his or her part better is a wonderful factory trigger. Hello Jim, Your videos and information are amazing. Jeremy is TTAG's Deputy Editor, working mostly behind the scenes but, when he attempts to write, he focuses on comprehensive gun & gear reviews. Agreed on the MarkV. I really enjoy your reviews and opinions. It is so fun to shoot and is extremely accurate! I would have to agree that no higher end rifle list should ever not have a Mod 70 or a Sako on it. This ammo is usually an average accuracy performer for me, but dang did the Franchi shoot it well. Id probably go with the Bergara Wilderness Ridge. Have to admit I love Henrys, so am trying to take my heart out of the decision with wisdom from someone more experienced like you. Im really down to the Fierce Carbon Rival vs the Weatherby MarkV Backcountry. All are captive so you wont lose them. The only downsides I have read of it is its screw-on bolt-knob and the fact that you may need a few more tools to disassemble the rifle. Seller: Ammo And Arms. Just a few examples of what is out there on the used market so why in the hell would anyone be dumb enough to buy modern made piece of garbage. I took it back to Scheels and the guys said its the second time someone has brought one back with that issue in a week. Ruger Americans are fantastic. No doubt, it has s lot to offer. But honestly these are not deal-breakers (or at least I think so). BTW unless youre reloading, the vast majority of factory 6.5 Creedmoor is quite a bit faster than the same projectile in 6.555. So, here are my quick thoughts on some of the competition for the best premium factory rifle under $2,500. Have you considered the recently released rifles introduced by Franchi? The 300 win mag barrel twist is a little slow, but if you arent going to handload, it should shoot up the 200 grain bullets in factory Ammo just fine. The deciding factor for me was the trigger, and that 3 of my buddies shoot the Savage. James I probably wouldnt recommend Fierce Firearms right now. As I completely dislike sporter pencil barrels. Any chance you would do a review on that caliber? The Sig Cross is the rifle that I have consistently used more than any other hunting rifle in my gun vault. Im well aware that there is stiff competition in the semi-custom rifle category. It feels almost as rigid as concrete, and thats a good thing. enything under 2k. Accurate, lightweight, and comfortable with a great trigger, its a solid choice to fill your freezer this season. Most of the videos I see you get two shots touching and a flier on the mod 70. PS. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend a Weatherby if you find one in a cartridge you like, or if you dont mind shooting Weatherbys overbore cartridges. The other option is the Springfield 2020 Waypoint. Surprised you didnt mention anything about the Sako 85. I really have enjoyed watching your YouTube channel and reading some of your articles on backfire! You have no opinion worth anything. Id also like to hear more about the threading on the various barrels and if they are suitable for use with a suppressor i.e. Again a super nice old world crafted gun anyone would be proud to own and show off to friends. Along with the detail you put into your reviews of new ammo like the 6.5 and now 7 PRC. I used to not care about if the bolt locked on safe but after a walk in the woods of ND with a Ruger American and the bolt falling out, to not be recovered on the opener, I now only have guns that lock the bolt on safe. I have been looking at the Browning BAR for years, its a great gun, but I would really like to have an AR format. Really enjoy reading your reviews and opinions! Its the classic , its The One , its stood the test of time , its been around longer than the rest and will still be here long after these other rifles have fallen out of fashion. The stock feels like it is created of a very tough polymer. The Tikka T3 features a standard box 3 round magazine but certain models come with a 4 round magazine. However, they really dont get enough attention from huntersmostly because they make few attempts to really stand out from the other rifles on the shelf. Christensen needs to improve its quality control in my opinion. With attitude like that, you will only buy domestic products and if leftists have their way, none. I\ve been perusing the site trying to find it as my rifle should be here today or tomorrow. Hey Jim, Great deal. I also own a Savage 110 Ultralite in 6.5 PRC- fantastic accuracy, but I just could not warm up to the plasticy stock. As a matter of fact these days it usually sucks. Ill be using it in the Southern Rockies for context. Glad that rifle is a shooter. However, I kill a lot of elk where Im from, and my smaller 6.5s dont produce the knock down effect I had with the Weatherby. I want a lightweight rifle that has mild Recoil with ballistics similar to 270 Winchester but in a short action. Your primary con towards the Weatherby was around the cost of the company\s \boutique\ cartridges. Action is very heavy and clunky. funny, I was between the FME and the CVA cascade for a 350L. Base Price: $789.99: Tax: - In Stock: Buy. I watched each individual rifles review from you and the best option under $350, but I would like to hear your feedback from either a new video or just through here about which of the 3 rifles you think is the best in that category since you havent put them head to head in that category. I had a Waypoint 2020 6.5 PRC on order for a long while- when one finally showed up and I was able to handle it, I just could not warm up to it. Why would anyone purchase a rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor when 7mm-08 will do everything the 6.5 can but with a bigger bullet, flatter trajectory, and comparable wind drift at typical hunting ranges? You mentioned the seekins havoc, but not in detail. Both good guns, I would worry about Franchi suddenly stopping production of this rifle and parts availability going to zero. (1) The Springfield 2020 Waypoint with a steel barrel, (2) You could wait a few months for the new Bergara B14 Squared Crest to come out, or (3) Get a Sig Cross. So, if those ones should be avoided, what rifles SHOULD hunters consider? Which leaves Winchester, Weatherby, Tikka/Sako. They seem to check a lot of the boxes Im looking in a rifle and seem to have a lot of bang for the buck for a rifle just over $500. With the Sako 85 you get better wood and more metal, but I would rather buy a Tikka T3. An innovative modern design with folding buttstock, pistol grip. I was disappointed to see that you no longer recommend the Savage 110 ultralight, having watched the original review which just about made up my mind to spend the $1200. There really isnt much to complain about on a Bergara B-14. The new Franchi Momentum is darn near an exact copy to the Ruger American. I own the X-Bolt in 7mm Magnum and it is fantastic. I like the Sig Cross because its lightweight, easily adjustable to fit me or my kids, very accurate, and the short barrel and folding stock make it easily packable for hunts. An XBolt in 6.8 Western may be a great option. As Im new to the shooting world Im still undecided on a long range target rifle. Yes please, there is a major lack of opinions out there on the LUPO. I would love to hear you critique rifle makers that offer nothing left handed in their main lines. What are your thoughts on the Remington Model 700 Alpha One? One thing I always know I need in any rifle, hunting or range, is accuracy. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The CVA Cascade is an exceptional rifle for the price. Weatherby also makes it in some non Weatherby calibers. 5. I had settled on this for my next rifle based on the Weatherguard coating, price and MOA accuracy guarantee but now it seems we may never see them. The Weatherby Vanguard comes in several different editions. Love you work and your research is unparalleled. Would love a Tikka, but your notes on them provide the info for not making the cut. Fierce is about $400 more and almost a pound heavier. The stock is among the best I have ever used, its reasonably lightweight, excellent on accuracy, and the manufacturing quality is reliable. I recently purchased the Momentum Elite in the 6.5 creedmoor and respectfully think an honourable mention for the under $1000 would be appropriate. Thanks! The action is butter smooth and the stock has a palm swell the sold me when I first picked the gun up. Question. In regards to the CVA and the Bergara, Im looking at getting one or the other in 7mm Mag. Ive been kicking around trying out the 28 Nosler just to pick up a bit more performance at 500+ ranges. 3. and three-stage safety. Thats unfortunate because theyre chamberimg it in 7PRC. I love to hunt white tail deer in Arkansas. 1 Image (s) Franchi Momentum Elite 6.5 Creed Realtree Excape 24" TB Burnt Bronze 41606. I am stuck between the tikka t3x and the Bergara b14. I rarely hear manufacturing quality concerns about Weatherby rifles. Ive got a lot of autoloader pistol and AR experience, but my only bolt action is an old Mosin Nagant. Pretty typical for a synthetic-stocked, budget-oriented hunting rifle. It looks like a real great gun. Mine is in 223 for chucks. Seems like the bergara barrel profile would be better for larger cartridges. Ive got an old 700 that is a beautiful gun and was a great deal but Im taking the plastic stock Savage up in the tree this fall. Does that make sense from what I\ve mentioned? Chambered in .308 Winchester, the author's Franchi Momentum has a 22-inch barrel with a threaded muzzle and a black synthetic stock with a recoil pad and integral sling-swivel studs. It would be a tiny bit more expensive, but really not much. I agree with you 100 percent it is a home run for Springfield!!! Its a good option for light cartridges, but the light weight and stock design dont make for a good match on heavy cartridges. There are many rifles above the $2k price point. I was unaware of the QC issues with the Cross. I sent my Rival back for repair and after six weeks it came back with the same problem. Also, at least in my area, they are readily available which is a huge bonus right now. With a century and a half of firearms manufacturing behind it, Italy's Franchi has unveiled its first-ever centrefire hunting rifle, the Momentum. Why I Picked These Three Rifles Over the Competition. Ive got a line on a used Seekins Havak Element in 6.5 PRC. Its that or the ruger American in 6.5. Fierce Reaper I just love it so much. I think a majority of Americans know the old saying you just took a paragraph to explain. Do you have any experience or thoughts on the JTAC? Plus, it uses an old-school sporter stock that just isnt what todays long-range shooter is looking for. P.S. Really enjoy your channel and dialogue on your reviews. Thank you for your time and effort. Id like to see how the Sauer 100 performs. 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