For those interested in gaming and anime, there's good newsmany of the most unique Discord game bots cater to these niches. This will add the image to the characters page on the Mudae website. $42ball : Answers to your yes or no questions. $randomimg 0: (default value) Images appearing during your rolls are not random. $profile serv: Your profile from another server. $tuarrange: Customize the informations displayed with $timersup. $likepos : insert a character at a specific position (and move down others). $pokerank leg (or shiny or beast) for the legendaries/shinies/beasts. Mode 1 is the default; use mode 2 to easily disable the less popular characters. $alias: Swap the main name for an available alias. $quizrank: Global ladder for the $quiz game. Have you tried changing your profile picture using the Mudae bot? (/ma). This will enable all the specified characters for YOUR rolls. In this method, we will be using the Dyno bot to demonstrate the idea of getting a profile picture of any user. This includes examples such as the following: Convenient censoring, bathing, clothes falling off, undressing, etc. $rc none: Change claim text to default text. There are more than 450+ commands in Mudae both related to customization, moderation, utility, etc. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Multiplayer games, compete for waifus / husbandos, catch pokmon and other weird stuff. Your server settings will be automatically transferred at the creation of the new instance. In this article, let's go over three of the most interesting Discord games for gaming and anime fans that can be played through a bot. You can also specify a bundle of commands. Using this command will change the instance for the current channel. Use $setpermission addimg charowner to allow this command for the character owners. Use $tsv id to display user IDs. $topserv lastclaim: ($ts lc) Date of the last claim for each user. Remove a certain amount of keys for a character. $prefix: Change the prefix that invokes Mudae. Grant Mudae all the necessary permissions and hit Authorize., The picture must be exactly 225 x 350 pixels, All your suggested pictures must be hosted on, No stretching or distortion of the image is allowed, The picture shouldnt have a transparent background, You cant post real-life images, inappropriate, explicit content, or significant plot spoilers, The picture should only be edited to change the background or improve the overall quality. 400 commands, multiplayer games and more! Link to join Mudae on her server Mudae World and get more information. (Also available for $alias, $alias2 and $noteimg). STEP 3: On selecting the discord server in which you want to add the Mudae bot it will ask you to authorize the required permissions to the bot. $profilearrange: ($pa) Arrange the order of the categories on your profile. allpokeslot: all Pokslot related commands. If you need extra assistance on how to obtain it, let me know. $kakeradm 0: when you get kakera from a Bronze/Silver/Emerald IV bonus, you will be pinged in the channel (default option), $kakeradm 1: when you get kakera from a Bronze/Silver/Emerald IV bonus, you will only be notified by DM, $kakeradm 2: you won't be notified anymore when you get kakera from a Bronze/Silver/Emerald IV bonus, $togglekakeraserver: disable/enable the kakera system in your server, $togglekakeradivorce: disable/enable the kakera system when using $divorce (characters don't give kakera anymore when divorced), $togglekakeraclaim: disable/enable the involvement of ranks by claims in the calculation of kakera (mostly when using $divorce), $togglekakeralike: disable/enable the involvement of ranks by likes in the calculation of kakera (mostly when using $divorce), $togglekakerareact: disable/enable the kakera reactions on rolls, $togglekakeratrade: enable/disable the kakera trading for your server, $togglekakeradaily: disable/enable the $dailykakera command for your server. Step 1: The first thing you need to do when you want to add a Mudae bot to your Discord server is invite the bot to join your server first. For frequently asked questions, especially those which cannot be answered by a single command, see FAQs. This article is a stub. Change where the '2 rolls left' message is displayed. Almost all characters have more than one image and using this command you can specify the number of the image that you want to set as default for that particular character. $pokelike: Like Pokmon ($pokelikelist) and immunize them for the autorelease command ($togglepokelike to not immunize them). $nis , $nip and $nin are also available. If you want to play with more characters then you can check this bot also. Thats right. This influenced the decision to host images on a private website instead. A character that has been added to your wishlist will spawn in the chat after you mention it in your wishlist. A user can only claim a single character in a certain amount of time after which they have to wait for the cooldown to finish to claim again. Sort by series: $fnall $, Alphabetical sort: $fnall abc$ or $fnall reverse$, Alphabetical sort per series: $fnall abc$$, To not include notes containing certain words, add -- in front of each term to disable. Swap the main name for an available alias. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'exploringbits_com-leader-1','ezslot_20',141,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-exploringbits_com-leader-1-0');Step 1: To add a Mudae bot you have to first invite the Mudae bot on your discord server. Please be patient, or help out if you like. $destroy: Restart the kakera tower with a refund of the invested kakera. Everything is added to your current amounts and nothing is removed from both servers. Display name/series/keys under the image during your rolls (for mobile users). By default, the picture that you will open through the bot will be a 256px image. You can view all images in your DMs by using the command $ims . This will turn off mentions of the rank (even in $im). The list which will have the most popular points with the 15 wides will be the most popular on the server. I will also show how to add custom im. The Mudae items that make up the second tier are: 1. $togglelikerank: (admin) Toggle character ranking by number of likes. Koya Bot is an advanced-level bot that provides you with the features and tools to manage and configure your discord server. $channelhelp: Displays the embedded help in the channel instead of in a DM. To change your harem picture in Mudae, go to your settings tab and click on the Harem option. $setpermission addimg charowner => users can add new images with $addimg for characters they own. Kakera cannot be a negative value. If you change the prefix and then forget it, $prefix will always work. August 10, 2022. and the name of it was :number5:, you would type :number5:. Helpful information about Mudae Discord bot, including Mudae commands, invite link, support server and reviews. It shows how many times you can use the gacha to roll for a new character. Mudae. Use $rl to see the corresponding # (for use with $restoreuser), Restore a character from the restorelist to its previous owner. $togglereact 2: reactions are automatically added under the rolls of everyone BUT your server has only 7 base rolls per hour (before applied boosts). $favarena: Define your favorite choice for the waifu arena. On the other hand, the multiplayer games do not see much use. It works properly in most time. If your claim reset currently occurs at 10:20 => 13:20 => 16:20: This will change the maximum number of characters the users can have in their harem by preventing them from claiming if they reached (or are already above) this limit. $togglesnipe: (admin) Change the possibility to claim on other players' rolls. This is a list of the commands used by Mudae. $rdmperso: Random character from This can be done by using the ! Add -- in front of a text to exclude it from the search. The minimum value is 10 and maximum value is 45. $marryup: Time left before your next claim. $haremcopy : (player premium II) Copy your harem on another server, under conditions. $42ball : Answers to your yes or no questions. The List that is mentioned below is well maintained and documented by the Mudae Bot Team. Mudae Bot is a Discord bot created for the main purpose of collecting your favorite characters from anime and video games. Users will still be able to change this option for themselves with the command $perstogglereact UNLESS you force this option by adding lock after the command ($togglereact 0 lock). Make the images appearing during your rolls random. $togglekakera: (admin) Enable/disable the different means of collecting kakera. This will show you all the things that you can do using the Mudae bot. $rollsleft 0: The message 2 ROLLS LEFT appears below the image. $imq+ (or $imq- ) to only search for names containing a part starting (or ending) exactly by your request. The bot is free to use and is available for all discord users. Partially translated in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. $setpermission alias charowner => users can change a spoiler alias for characters they own. $togglesilent: (owner) Change how the bot answers to disabled commands. $invite: Link to invite Mudae on another server. It allows you to customize the welcome and goodbye messages, images, and cards, which it sends automatically. #MudaeBotTutorial #MudaeBotIn this quick Mudae Bot tutorial, I teach you how to add a gif to a character in the Mudae game using the $ai command. For more information, please see our $togglereact: (admin) Change the automatic addition of hearts under the rolls. $kakeradm: Where or whether you should be notified for Silver IV/Bronze IV/Emerald IV bonuses. The Mudae character image database is constantly growing, thanks to members submitting new pictures to the server. This command allows you to view your harem or your marriage list where you will see a list of all the characters that you have married. (Example: Dobby). To remove all notes, use $noteremoveall, To search in a specific series, separate the series and the search with = ($fn = ). If the art is commissioned and gifted by a known friend of the vtuber. Upvote Mudae on and collect rolls resets. Decrease (or increase if server premium) the number of rolls for the whole server. After users suggest new pictures, the bot reacts to the command, thus permitting the poll to happen. The most helpful command. $toggleclaimrolls: (admin) Display or not claim ranks during rolls. Part of the words database comes from, $kirby // $kirchoco //$tea , $chocoshark // $bear // $eater . $gamemode: (admin) Change the server game mode. Change the embed color (side line) of your profile. $topservy: ($tsy) Server ladder for characters with the most of keys. It also shows if you can claim a character at the moment or not. Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! $qs is used to save your list to a preset slot. $join: Link to join Mudae on her server and get more infos. Also, you can directly invite the Mudae bot with the help of the invite link that I have mentioned below. This value is automatically doubled for slash commands (if no one flooded too much between your rolls). The next thing I recommend is to join the support community of Mudae bot. During your rolls, you can change which images appear for you using $randomimg. Solution 3: Modify Discord Settings. Its spawn can be boosted with $kt and $tuto rewards. Using the $setpermission addimg charowner method, you can allow others in your server to add custom images for their own characters using the $ai method. By entering a command $wish [characters name] into your Mudae wishlist, you can add a character to it. $pr serv 435763044120002561, $colorpr: Change the embed color (side line) of your $pr. In this mini tutorial for the Mudae Game, I will be talking about and showing how to add custom characters to the game. $addimg: (moderator) Add a custom image for an existing character. 1. List of floors for the kakera tower: spend kakera and unlock more perks. $likelist: get your list (type $s flags for the list of filters). $kakerareact: (admin) Customize the kakera rolls emojis. $deny: (owner) Deny some commands for a role. Random waifu or husbando. $vs: Add a customized sentence when the character wins. However, its important to note that the size of the images can vary depending on the source. if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[580,400],'exploringbits_com-leader-4','ezslot_23',149,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-exploringbits_com-leader-4-0'); All the credits of documentation belong to Mudae Bot. To change your favorite character, use the $fm [character name] command. You can add images to characters by using the add image command. React quickly with a . Mudae is a Discord entertainment bot that has been installed on over 3,000,000 servers, making it one of the most popular. $top: Top 1000 characters. Commands for an already existing custom character: All timers for the roulette merged in one message (mu, ru, du, ku, rtu, dku, bku). $im $ to jump to a certain image. To remove, use $ni $ honda xr70 weight limit,
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